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About Custom Tie Dye

Some things to keep in mind...

I am just one old hippie trying to share smiles through tie dye. 

A custom or recreated design will vary from the original design.  Tie dying is an art so every piece is always unique.  I try to keep as close to the original piece as possible but chaos always finds a way to lend a hand. This is doubly true for ice dying.

I like to use white and black for contrast. Please keep that in mind when choosing a design.

Please look closely at any item you are interested in. Many of my shirts look different on the front and back. There may be variations such as dark speckling or uneven saturation levels.

I am not a good photographer. I have done my best to keep the pictures of my tie dyes as true to their actual color as possible(no filters or editing).  There may be differences in shade or saturation of the colors on your screen depending on factors out of my control.

Speaking of colors...I am color-blind. I want you to be happy with the colors you choose so Please refer to the SKU ID code(ex. IDL 0004) of an item with the color(s) you want when requesting alternate colors for custom orders.  

I am not very tech savy...if you couldn't tell by my website. This is all new to me so please be patient and understanding if I am experiencing technical difficulties.


TRADE SECRETS!!! Just kidding, I am happy to share my methods. Tie dye is meant to bring smiles and happiness in my mind. That is something to be shared freely, not kept secret. Feel free to e-mail me any questions you have that aren't answered below. 


Q.  What kind of dye do you use?

A.  I use Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes. 

Q.  What brand of shirts do you use?

A.  I have settled on Fruit of the Loom HD Cotton T-shirts with tearaway tags. I have found them to have a better fit and stitching than other brands. I use Gildan for my long sleeve T-shirts. Some of my ready to wear T-shirts are made with different brands. I occasionally experiment with other brands.  

Q.  How do you prepare your items for dying?

A.  I soak all my items in a Soda Ash(Sodium Carbonate) bath for at least an hour to ensure full saturation for the strongest dye to fabric bonding.


Q.  How long do you let a tie dye cure?

A.  I let all items cure for 48 hours before I wash them out to give the dye as long as possible to set.

Q.  How do you wash out your tie dyes?

A.  I wash out all items thoroughly using both cold and hot water to eliminate and neutralize as much excess dye as possible. A final hot wash with PH neutral soap(ain't gonna lie, I use dawn dishsoap) sets the dye fully.

Q.  Where can I find you on social media?

A.  You won't find me on social media. I am not that guy. I prefer to spend my time away from devices. If you have questions or want to talk to me please send an e-mail.

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